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Rain Princess

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You ask, what can I do for the world? How does what I do matter?
Well, my dear, it matters if you stand in your light. In this time, in this moment you have no choice but to do what you do best. Give that gift to the world, the gift of bringing your light and love to the world.

Armed with this knowledge and desperate to do DO something...I sat down at the piano 10 days ago. I let the song take over. I listened, I wrote, I played. I followed what I knew must be done. And here, on Thanksgiving, I give this gift to the world.

If it inspires you, share it. Let the song lead you. And above all else, let your own song lead you. Be a spot of light. Be light. Be love.

With my deepest gratitude,
~ gina


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   Gina Holsopple’s inauspicious beginnings as a Mennonite girl growing up in the middle of the Kansas prairie gives Gina’s voice a soul that is tough to find in this fast-paced world. Music has always been a part of Gina’s life, from Sunday mornings to Friday evening jam sessions with the rest of her family and whoever else happened along for the evening. Gina began playing piano in third grade, picked up the violin in fourth and settled on the guitar as her favorite when she was 16.  HOP3.jpg

   After graduating from high school Gina made her way to a small town in Indiana to continue studying music. Spending four years working to become a classically trained musician was enough to send Gina right into New York City’s east village where she became a regular at all of the anti-folk open mic nights. However, a Mennonite girl from the middle of Kansas can only last so long in the big city and she again finds herself in a small town in central New York. Here she spends a good deal of time gardening, canning, quilting and harvesting wild edibles.


   Throughout this time, Gina has continued to make music a central part of her life. Performing across the country and releasing 8 albums has kept her on her toes. She is  a three-time winner of the New Song Contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS in 2009, 2010 and 2013, winner of the 2012 Wayne County Original Music Competition in Wayne County, NY, winner of the Performing Songwriter Contest at the 2010 Avalonfest in Paw Paw, WV, the Schroeppel Songwriter Series contest in Schroeppel, NY in 2007 and has also performed at Harborfest 2004, 2011 and 2012, the 2003 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, and was a featured performer in the New Artists’ Showcase at the 2000 National Women’s Music.  

   Gina’s clear vocals and down-home sound have become a favorite for fans from New York to Minnesota and Chicago to Baltimore. Her lyrics have been highly commended by both reviewers and fans. As an accomplished musician, songwriter and performer her music has been described as “captivating,” “inspiring” and “ethereal with a sense of longing.” So listen closely. Gina’s lyrical, acoustic musical style is nothing less than enchanting.



“Her meandering melodies and winsome voice are sure to make your foot tap, head bob, and lips open wide with a smile.” 

~ Brad Crescenzo,


 “…Holsopple gives us acoustic guitar, lyrics that encompass the personal and social activism, and a sweet voice whose self-harmonies are smooth and warm.”

~ Alicia Wallace, On Tap, Washington, DC


“sometimes punchy, sometimes poignant…” 

~ Jenny Ivor, Rambles


“Gina’s easy-on-the-ears voice, and harmonies…make you feel like ordering a double Americano and lighting up a smoke…”                                                                                                  

~ M. Alden, Girl Player


"Gina's voice is pure joy, sometimes low and husky, other times soaring to high notes as though the sky were the limit…”                  

~ Linda Hood, fan, New York City