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Spots of Light (Orion)

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You ask, what can I do for the world? How does what I do matter?
Well, my dear, it matters if you stand in your light. In this time, in this moment you have no choice but to do what you do best. Give that gift to the world, the gift of bringing your light and love to the world.

Armed with this knowledge and desperate to do DO something...I sat down at the piano 10 days ago. I let the song take over. I listened, I wrote, I played. I followed what I knew must be done. And here, on Thanksgiving, I give this gift to the world.

If it inspires you, share it. Let the song lead you. And above all else, let your own song lead you. Be a spot of light. Be light. Be love.

With my deepest gratitude,
~ gina


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